Born in San Diego, California, I started drawing and painting when I was ten years old. But I found that my real passion was taking apart anything mechanical (engine parts, electric motors, etc) and making new “inventions”.

I started to study different artists and their techniques. In college I took more art courses and found that my main influences were Salvador Dali and H.R. Giger. As ive progressed, I have also found influence from Michael Hussar and Hajime Sorayama.
My Painting

When I finished college I started working in the graphic design field which I still do to this day, I have also worked as an Illustrator in the auto industry.
While studying H.R. Giger’s work I realized that I wanted to start using an airbrush instead of a brush. I ended up purchasing one and started playing around with it, practicing over and over until I started to see a huge improvement. I started painting helmets, computers, etc. anything that I could get my hands on. I use my airbrush with all my painting now, whether it be with Auto Acrylics, Waterbased acrylics or ink.

I’ve learned that the airbrush has no limits. I’ve used it on leather, fabric, metal, paper, plastic, skin, etc. The same techniques can be used regardless of the medium.

My Sculptures
My sculptures go back to my childhood love of taking things apart and making new things with them. Most of my pieces are either Steampunk or Cyberpunk style. I usually choose musical instruments (mainly guitars) as the base for these sculptures because they are a familiar object to all people. Most people either play the guitar, have played the guitar or know someone who plays the guitar and can relate to the piece of work. When they are combined with industrial parts, it tends to bring even more interesting look and feel to such a popular instrument.

The majority of my sculpture pieces are put together with “found” items, all the guitars, skateboard decks, and other things are picked up at garage sales, markets and hard rubbish collection.

I like to look at all the items around me and think “hmm wouldn’t that look good if I put this with that together and put this color with it.